Welcome to the We are going to explain here all the points related to our rights and contents at the base of DMCA and US Copyright Fair Use Act. The material we publish here like, photo, audio, video, gif, etc. Are property of the site. They are either collected from free sources of the internet or submitted by its real creators.

So, that is why we believe the contents we post here published according to our rules and regulation and in the boundary of DMCA.

Definition of DMCA

The full meaning of DMCA is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Its make some fair rules for publishing or using contents with copyright. All the existing blog and websites are compliance with DMCA including Our policy is to respond and takes proper steps to any in contravention notice which state of the violation of this act.

Notice of Copyright Infringement

If you found any content in that belongs to your site or company than let us know. The complaint will be valid only if you have full copyright on this item and if it’s used in the place without your permission/knowledge.

We will investigate the complaint and take the necessary steps as soon a possible.

Please note and remember, if you misrepresents anything in you complain or violate any law consciously or unconsciously, we will take actions against your according to the law. You would be liable to accept any steps taken by, and that includes the attorney fees and damage expenses also.

So, we suggest you take some legal advice from your attorney before taking steps against the site.


What Should Include in the Copyright Infringement Claim

Before preparing your copyright infringement claim to understand these following facts first.

  • You should provide valid evidence of the authority of the person who has to own the legal right of the violated item/s.
  • Always provide clear and detail contact information with you. Give your phone, postal and email address with the complaint so we can contact you anytime.
  • Provided the search result of that infringed copyrighted material to prove the claim. Its world is search result of Google, Yahoo or any other valid search engine’s.
  • Write a statement that says; the complaining party has faith and proof that the published items in frp-tool are not approved by its real legal owner so, not even the DMCA.
  • In your statement also include that you are consciously taking the steps, all the info you given here is 100% original and come under penalty. If you are working on behalf of the unique owner/company/organization than mention that too.
  • If you are working as the advocate of the real owner, add a statement of him/her with a sign. The report should mention that- the rightful owner has trespass the exclusive right to you. And now you have full power to deal everything coming further.

And finally, send the notice to us through the Contact us page to follow up the matter. After receiving the case, we will send you a receiving note and investigate the matter. Usually, the whole process may take some days to complete because there may involve any third party and if, the chances are completing the process will take some more time. So be patient and have trust on us. If your submission goes to other parties besides than than we will not count that as a complaint or bound to take actions.

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