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A common issue is how to bypass the iPhone Activation Lock on iOS devices. Because of this, a lot of tools have been developed that claim to help. One of these tools is iMyFone iBypasser. To determine if this iMyFone iBypasser tool is effective at bypassing the iCloud activation lock, we take a closer look at its review in this guide.

What is iMyFone iBypasser?

Apple’s iPhones, iPads, and iPods can bypass iCloud activation with a program called iMyFone iBypasser. When a user forgets his Apple ID password, he or she can still access locked devices by creating new credentials and continuing to use them.

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Is iMyFone iBypasser Legit?

The iBypasser program is legit as it removes the iCloud activation lock on most devices quickly and easily. In addition, this tool can be used to remove any type of passcode from any iOS device.

Is iMyFone iBypasser Safe?

Though iBypasser is made by a reputable software company, it may not be entirely safe to use for many reasons. For example, you must jailbreak your device to remove the Apple ID, which can carry many risks.

  • If you perform this process, your device may be bricked, meaning it won’t work until it is repaired.
  • Jailbreaking your device prevents you from updating the OS normally and may lead to the loss of a number of cool features
  • Installation of apps can come from anywhere, even from those unproven and potentially risky sources
  • Additionally, jailbreaking your device voids your warranty

What are the steps to unlock iCloud activation locks using iMyFone iBypasser?

  • This program can be used very easily. Simply download it and follow these simple instructions to bypass the iCloud activation lock.
  • Install iBypasser on your computer after you connect your iOS device with the original cable. Click “Start.”
  • Following detection of the device, the jailbreak package is downloaded as soon as the program detects it.
  • Click “Next” to continue after you follow the onscreen instructions.

iBypasser immediately removes the Activation Lock when it discovers the jailbreak. You will have access to your device once the process is complete. You can easily ibypasser download the latest version by following our instructions.

Pros and Cons of iMyFone iBypasser

If you’re not sure whether this program is for you, you can download the free trial version to see for yourself if it might be a good option. The program does have a lot of useful features, including the following.

Is there an alternative to iBypasser that works better?

iBypasser may not be the right tool for you, but you should consider UnlockGo instead. There are numerous great features in this tool and it is far easier to use than iMyFon iBypasser. Also, UnlockGo’s customer support is highly professional and helpful.

Among its features are;

  • Your iPhone and iPad will no longer be locked by iCloud activation without Apple ID or password.
  • Remove the possibility of the previous owner tracking your movements.
  • With the exception of calls, cellular, and iCloud, all features can be used after iCloud lock removal.
  • Furthermore, you can use it to unlock many types of iPhone screen passcodes, including Passcodes of four digits or six digits, Face ID, and Touch ID.
  • The previous Apple ID must be removed from an activated iPhone before a new Apple ID can be created.
  • It contains no adware, spyware, or viruses. Unlock Go is safe to use.
  • There is a moneyback guarantee that can be easily enforced.
  • You can get quick assistance from the technical support staff by contacting them 24/6.

Here’s how UnlockGo works:

  • You should download and install the software.
  • Start the process by running the file and clicking “Start.”.
  • Start jailbreaking the iOS device by following the tutorial provided.
  • To begin, click “Start” and verify the device information.
  • Once the device is unlocked and ready to use, you will receive an alert from the program.


Does ibypasser work

There is no doubt that iBypasser is legit, as it will be able to get rid of the iCloud Activation lock in the majority of cases.

 Is iBypasser Free?

You can’t try out the software for free. You need to buy a license to access all the features. A one-month license costs $39.95.

 Is my data at risk?

It is possible to remove the iCloud Activation Lock by restoring the device in recovery mode, which will result in the loss of all data.

Is iBypasser compatible with devices that are already jailbroken?

In iOS devices running iOS 13.2.3 or less, the jailbreak tool will be removed when the device reboots, resulting in the device being unjailbroken; however, devices running iOS 13.3 or later will have the activation screen appear again after restarting, resulting in a complicated process.

After I unlocked a device using iBypasser, can I use it normally?

All features except those related to cellular, calling, and iCloud will be available to you with your new Apple ID and password.


With iBypasser, it is possible to bypass iCloud Activation Lock through your computer. I wrote this review to find out more about iMyFone iBypasser. With the iBypasser app you can bypass iCloud’s Activation Lock, which is just one of many tools available. There are many limitations to it, including the fact that the customer support department does not respond to email requests quickly and leaves some users waiting for a long time

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