Install Orangefox Recovery Rom (2024) Working Method

Maybe you are wondering what Orangefox Recovery is. Like you, many Android gig users are recently known about this remarkable Android recovery platform. If you’re one of them, you’re probably familiar with TWRP and CWM Recovery. For quite a long time, TWRP Recovery has been the most popular Android recovery method.

How to Install Orangefox Recovery

Orangefox Recovery

But, as humans, we tend to become bored with anything after a while. As a result, to provide you with something fresh and new, the OrangeFox developer designed this platform, offering exclusive features that can help you get access to your Android phone again.

During today’s discussion, we will share some vital insights on using OrangeFox, what does it, and how you can get it for free for Android smartphone recovery.

What Is OrangeFox For Android Smartphone?

OrangeFox, like TWRP and CWM, is a 100% open-sourced custom recovery tool. This recovery method is in practice for almost 2.5 years in the Custom Recovery market.

Notwithstanding its age, this recovery method is up to date with all of TWRP’s newest patches and includes Magisk’s upgrades and optimizations. So, if you’re tired of the previous TWRP Recovery and want to start something different, this is an all-new and up-to-date OrangeFox Recovery V10.1.

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Why Should You Try OrangeFox Features?

  • Completely free and open-source
  • Synced with the most recent TWRP modifications
  • Material design two principles were used to create this design.
  • Flyme and MIUI OTA support has been added.
  • Patches that come pre-installed, such as Magisk and password, can be used to reset the patch.
  • Personalization is allowed: The primary aim of a custom Recovery is to provide users with the ability to tailor their phone according to their preferences.
  • Password security: Because your security is one of OrangeFox Recovery’s top objectives, you’ll be offered authentication, which is unusual for a bespoke recovery.
  • Constantly updated: Despite its infancy, OrangeFox Recovery is often updated. As a result, your Android smartphone will have the strongest and most up-to-date features.

OrangeFox Latest Features:

  • Older records (encrypted and zipped) will be saved to the /sdcard/Fox/logs/ directory, including other logs.
  • On the latest smartphones, additional MIUI OTA support has been included.
  • Improved system rooting support.
  • Compatibility for Android 10 has been enhanced.
  • Compatibility for MIUI 11 has been upgraded.
  • A new version of the Magisk plugin has been released.
  • Accept communications from the “Android Rescue Party.”
  • More data about the loaded ROM is now available.
  • Stock Team Win recovery can be used to synchronize certain sources.
  • Encryption: if you don’t require it, don’t use a wrapped key.
  • Encryption: cryptfs: compatibility for key master two has been added.
  • Problems with the app management have been resolved.
  • Excessive alerts for modified ROMs have been disabled.
  • Ukrainian, Vietnamese, and French have been added.
  • All additional languages have been updated.

Several minor adjustments have been made.

How To Download OrangeFox Recovery For Android?

The download link to the most recent OrangeFox Recovery V10.1 is provided here. OrangeFox Recovery V11, the most recent version, is presently undergoing work and will be released shortly.

The new version is intended to include Android 10 gestures and design principles and an improved user interface.  Its C code can create the battery icon. Also, it is anticipated to receive Magisk updates and repairs. This version, like all others, will be synced with TWRP modifications!

Download Orange Fox Recovery(official website)

After visiting the official page of OrangeFox, search for your mobile brand and model number (optional) to get the software.

How To Install OrangeFox Tool With Fastboot?

To start, take the first step. Copy recovery.img to your computer ADB folder after extracting recovery.img from the OrangeFox zipped file.

Step 1: Use USB connections to plug your Android smartphone into your computer, then restart it into fastboot/bootloader mode.

Step 2: On your Windows computer, launch the command program, or on a Mac OS, run the terminal screen.

For Windows users:

Head over to the folder where you have installed the ADB and Fastboot utilities.

Next, while holding down the SHIFT key on the computer, right-click on any empty area within this folder.

Select the option to open the PowerShell window there.

For Mac OS X and Linux:

Change the location of the Terminal Screen (using the “cd” line) to the location in which the ADB and Fastboot utilities are located.

Step 3: Navigate to your computer’s ADB folder.

Step 4: Flash OrangeFox Recovery using the code underneath –

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Step 5: Finally, restart in recovery mode by hitting the volume up + power keys until the OrangeFox logo appears. Please keep in mind that the buttons may differ based on your device.

Step 6: After OrangeFox has started up, check to see whether it’s all operating correctly, such as the data drive being mounted successfully and the screen functioning.

Step 7: Locate and select the OrangeFox zipped file. Install it by tapping or swiping on it.

Step 8: When the installation is finished, the device will restart into OrangeFox Recovery instantly.

That is all there is to it. You’re now ready to experience the newest and most amazing OrangeFox Recovery.

How To Install OrangeFox Tool Via TWRP/ Custom Recovery?

If your smartphone already has Custom Firmware loaded, just follow the steps below to deploy OrangeFox Recovery:

Step 1: First, get the OrangeFox Recovery Zipped file from the above-mentioned sources.

Step 2: Launch the TWRP recovery homepage on your Android smartphone.

Step 3: From the main TWRP interface, click the Install button.

Step 4: Select the OrangeFox Recovery Download file from the list of items.

Step 5: After you’ve loaded the file, slide right to flash everything.

Just after that, restart your phone to get all the customization to work perfectly.


How Do I Get Rid Of Orangefox?

You can remove the application by going to Programs and Features in the Control Panel.

  1. Go to the Programs and Features menu. To remove software, go to Start, input “uninstalls a program” in the Search Initiatives and Folders box, then select the match. Or you can push the Windows and X buttons together to bring up the WinX interface, then select Programs and Features.
  2. In the list, find OrangeFox, select it, and afterward, pick Uninstall to begin the removal.

Which Custom Recovery Is Best?

Thanks to the incoming technology revolution, which is introducing constant effective tools for custom recovery. Among them, the below recovery tools are the best, according to our expert team.

  1. OrangeFox Recovery
  2. TWRP (TeamWin) Recovery
  3. Red Wolf Recovery
  4. Pitch Black Recovery
  5. SKY HAWK Recovery Project


We’re assuming you’ve downloaded and installed OrangeFox Recovery on your Android phones. If you’ve any concerns or are having trouble with any of the procedures mentioned, please leave them in the comments area here. Also, please share your OrangeFox recovery tale as well. We would love to find you are helped through our tech insights. Take care.

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