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PUBG Mobile undoubtedly introduced a new era in both mobile and PC gaming. The best thing about the mobile version of this game is you can compete with mobile gamers from your PC standing in the mobile version of the game, which just needs an emulator to install on your computer. Phoenix OS PUBG Mobile emulator is just the best among other emulators.

There is no doubt that the game has an addicting yet high graphics quality that requires a powerful processor to share with you a lag-free gaming experience. Other emulators, including the official one, demand that sort of specification. You can try Phoenix OS instead to avoid fancy stuff.

Phoenix OS PUBG

The lightness of this process ensures a smooth gaming experience even on low-end computers. So, if you are a PUBG mobile emulator gameplay guy and searching for a new emulator that can reduce frame drops significantly, Phoenix OS can be an alternative. In this post, you will get guidance regarding how to get it on your PC, what configuration you would need to optimize the gameplay, and how to set it right. Let’s head over to the next step to begin real gaming.

 Why Phoenix OS Is The Best Emulator For PUBG Mobile?

The PHOENIX OS is an Android-based platform for Windows and Mac computers. It is also the lightest Android software that can be downloaded for free from the Web. The finest part is still to come.

It is effortless to download and install on your computer. And you can play PUBG Mobile on your PC without any lag. Additionally, its Premium subscription is available to individuals who wish to take advantage of all of the program’s features. However, playing PUBG mobile on PHOENIX OS costs nothing. Thus you may play free forever. Many users tried out a variety of Android-based operating systems and emulators on their PCs, and PHOENIX OS emerged victoriously.

In comparison to any emulator or Android-based OS, PHOENIX OS provides the best Framerate on PUBG Mobile. Simply install a PHOENIX OS on your PC, boot into it, download PUBG Mobile APK from the Google Play Store, configure key mappings, and begin playing with ease. Below are the advantages you will get in Phoenix OS.:

“Starting” Is A Classic Phrase

The start menu is used as the system’s main entry point in Phoenix OS. You can launch installed apps, access display settings, and do other tasks. If you like, you can also use the start menu’s full-screen option to browse many programs at once.

Excellent Efficiency, Numerous Activities

In comparison to standard Android systems, Phoenix OS allows for the functioning of numerous windows and activities and quick mutual switching between apps, substantially improving usage efficiency.

File Administration Is Simple

Categorized file system, LAN connection, global search, or even controller function, window resizing, and file decompression are all supported by the Phoenix OS. All of them are basic and straightforward processes.

Keyboard Shortcuts You’re Already Familiar With

Phoenix OS is a powerful operating system that fully enables Ctrl+ C, Ctrl+ V, Ctrl+ A, and other widely used shortcut keys.

Center For Notifications

The notifications center that displays after selecting the button in the bottom right-hand corner of the toolbar and contains widely used fast settings allows you to adjust alert information in bulk.

Dazzling Browser

It flawlessly integrates the newest web technologies and ranks out among major web browsers in HTML5 as a browser commercial performance test, thanks to its globally sophisticated Chromium core, which fully exploits the hardware’s potential.

Organize Your Apps For You

Phoenix OS fully incorporates the security center into the computer, allowing it to dynamically manage system resources and thoroughly clean background activities, ensuring system integrity, avoiding frequent program interruptions, and extending the navigation range.

Take Advantage Of A Large Number Of Applications

Phoenix OS is completely functional with the Android environment, and there are tons of Android apps and games to choose from.

Phoenix OS PUBG Mobile Download

It is a PC version of the Android emulator. You will get an Android adventure on your PC using this Platform.

It is supportive for both a computer and a laptop (Windows and Mac).

It's small in size, with extremely low RAM and memory use.

And one of the finest operating systems or software for playing PUBG Mobile on a computer without lag.

Follow the instructions to get it now.

To begin, browse the actual Phoenix OS site on your computer, laptop.

Phoenix OS PUBG

  1. Phoenix Operating system is available for various systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux (supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit).

Phoenix OS PUBG

  1. Keep in mind that you have the installer downloaded. After you’ve decided what kind of file you wish to download, press the Mega button to begin the download.
  2. Then you will be directed to the Mega download page, where you may start downloading the PHOENIX Software of your choice. Simply touch the app icon once you’ve arrived at the download page. The download will take place on the Mega server and once finished, the whole file will be delivered to your browser.
  3. Wait patiently for your browser to grab the whole file when the download on the Mega server is completed.

You’ve completed the task. If you’d like to enjoy PUBG Mobile on your Computer with minimal lag, we suggest downloading it using the PHOENIX OS. It has a lightweight operating system that can run any high-end graphics game on moderate PCs. It also comes with its key mapping program, enabling you to modify each function key to win a chicken meal ultimately.

How To Install Phoenix OS And PUBG Mobile

Phoenix OS PUBG

Phase 2: Once the installation is complete, restart your computer. Just hang in there till then.

Phase 3: Whenever your PC/Laptop reboots, you will be presented with two alternatives. To pick among your old Operating system and Phoenix OS, which is new.

Phoenix OS PUBG

Phase 4: Select Phoenix OS and sign in.

Note: The task is not finished yet. Now you have to execute the below steps for getting the PUBG Mobile game on your OS.

Let’s Install The PUBG Mobile On Phoenix OS

You’ve made it to the most important part: downloading and running PUBG mobile on Phoenix OS. It’s not nearly as tricky as the installation of Phoenix on a Computer. Allow us to walk you through the process of installing PUBG on Phoenix OS:

  • Click on the Phoenix OS Desktop icon in the bottom left corner when you’re there.
  • Afterward, go to the Google Play store.
  • Log in with any Gmail account and look for the PUBG mobile app.
  • Download by pressing the install button and waiting for the installation to complete. Alternatively, you should unzip it if you have the OBB file if downloading the APK from a 3rd website. We advise downloading and installing it from the Google Play store as it will not create issues.

Unzip the OBB file to system storage if you are trying the offline version of the game. Go to Storage>Android and create a directory name with OBB. Then extract the OBB files in that directory.

Phoenix OS PUBG

  • Install the APK file and begin playing the game after retrieving the Information.
  • If you’re installing from the Google Play Store, all you have to do is press on install and sit tight for the download to end. When the download is finished, it will be installed automatically.

Phoenix OS PUBG

  • After installation, you’ve completed 50% of the job. Allow us to demonstrate how to launch PUBG Mobile and set key mapping for a great gaming experience.
  • Begin PUBG Mobile from the Phoenix OS launcher and allow time for it to reload and launch.
  • It will prompt a window for you to sign in using your Facebook account after it has launched. Sign in with your Facebook login credentials.
  • Upon logging in, you are supposed to be sent to the actual game interface, which will take a little time. Simply close any open offers and select the settings icon.
  • Pick the control tab under options, then the first layout, and hit customize.

Phoenix OS PUBG

  • All of the action buttons will now be viewable. It’s time to start mapping out the keys. Simply press the top-left octopus’s symbol.
  • Choose the Keyboard option from the Input section.
  • Set the Enter key in shooting mode. It’s crucial since you have to exit shoot mode before you can pick up firearms or treasure. If you don’t like setting the shoot setting key, the auto-pickup option will be ideal. However, it isn’t as good as picking up firearms by hand.

Next, arrange the keys as per your preferred method of operation. Everyone has a distinct way of playing FPS games, which is why you should customize each key to your preferences.

Phoenix OS PUBG

  • When you’ve completed key mappings to your liking, choose Game Helper and apply the layout and parameters in PUBG mobile. You’re now ready to begin playing PUBG mobile.
  • Return to the PUBG mobile main page, choose a map and a squad, and then hit the Start button.


Is Phoenix OS Safe For PUBG?

Yes, the Phoenix operating system is entirely safe for playing PUBG mobile from your computer. There is no official ban regarding this efficient emulator.

What Is The Best Phoenix OS PUBG Settings?

In competitive gaming like PUBG Mobile, the best settings are your settings. Top competitive players never advise you to follow their setting. The main concerns are the recoil or sensitivity and the control settings.

It is better to jump into the Training mode in PUBG mobile and experience both functions according to your preferred weapon. Perfection and handiness in this Battle Royale game require time and effort. Cheers!


That was all about the Phoenix OS PUBG Mobile installation guide. If you genuinely want to play PUBG Mobile on your computer, we suggest downloading and installing Phoenix OS. It is the lightest operating system capable of handling any high-resolution game on a low-end Computer. It also comes with its key mapping system that lets you properly customize each function key to show off your glory on the battlefield.

Furthermore, please don’t attempt to install PUBG Mobile from third-party APK sources. It may not function, and you will receive an error message stating that the application has not been bought. So, if you’re serious about squandering your bandwidth on PUBG Mobile, we strongly advise you to get it from the Play Store. It is from there that you will obtain the most recent version of PUBG Mobile, as well as authorization to use it.

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