Towel Root APK (2024) Latest Version Download

For rooting any android smartphone, Towel Root APK is quite a user-friendly app. The only task you have to do is install it and hit the root button. It’s that simple.

It has already been accepted by thousands of users because of its sonic performance. So, if you don’t have a desktop or laptop computer, there’s nothing to worry about. Now you don’t have to pay the service center to flash or root your phone. The most outstanding trait of this app is it is compatible with most Android smartphones.

Let’s explore more about this helpful app for your Android phones. At the end of the article, you will also get the app download link and all the insights about it.

Towel Root APK

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Towel Root App Features

After helping Apply and Sony with numerous hacking and security issues, the same developer team made it for Android users. The level of expertise of this developer is the key reason I prefer this Towerroot. Check out the significant features that you will enjoy afterward.

One-click operation

Unlike other complex desktop rooting software, this app does not require you to go through bunches of steps to make it on your PC. Even there’s no need for a computer anymore.

Small in size, big in impact

The given towelroot.apk is so far the smallest app to root your device. It only consumes around 109 kb of your ROM. On the other hand, you can do rooting without witnessing any error.

Offline support

Maybe many of you were concerned about whether this app requires an internet connection or not. And yes, it does not need any. Geohot (the developer company) made this app to become efficient and ensure uninterrupted rooting.

Yet you will need a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to install a supporting app named SuperSU.

Key Advantages Of Towelroot App

Without the above facilities, there is some significance of this app.

You can get more apps on your ROM since the newly rooted phone will get more space.

Indeed, some apps might need the permission of the additional rooting app, SuperSU. At the same time, you will have more control and customization opportunities with this.

After the rooting, you can do more customization with the UI and system audio as well.

As the new boot system releases more memory, you will experience faster performance after a successful root.

In some cases, it might solve your device’s heating issue. Nonetheless, the processor energy would be used efficiently.

It also solves battery-draining issues.

What are the Odds?

Without the pros, there are yet some cons of rooting your phone with this app while following anyway. For example, this app might not work on some smartphones since it has no update touch to solve those issues. And using a rooting process means you are going to lose warranty assurance from your device manufacturer.√

Towelroot APK Download Latest Version – How TowelRoot App Works?

The process of this app to root your Android device is quite simple. You just need to download the app first and install it just like any other app. Open the app then tap on the “Make It Run” button.

The pre-determined command will make the starting of your rooting process, and that’s without restarting the phone.

Link: Download Towel Root Apk Latest version

Note: Consider the following before installation –

  • The app is functioning, but after version 3, the developer team discontinued working on the update.
  • Don’t try this app for rooting if your Android version is older than Android 6.0
  • For accessing rooting permission after the initial process, you will need the SuperSU


Towel Root APK is the proven easiest way to root your Android device. And it’s free to use. I have not gotten any negative feedback yet from anyone on my website. Still, if you get any, let me know. I may upload a Mod version afterward. So, ensure checking the page casually.

And if you find it working in your case, please share the page link with your friends on social media. Till then, enjoy and use the best of the technological world.

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