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The android Fastboot is the part of the Android SDK development kit. Fastboot is designed to work with the device when it is loaded in the same mode (if there is one on your device). To recognize your phone perfectly your need to install required drivers. Download android fastboot driver for all Windows from here. spd driver download latest version

android fastboot driver

Fastboot driver NameUpload Drive NameZip NameFile SizeDownload Link
Android fastboot driverDroidfilehost DriveWinrar 5.618.89 MB Mirror Link

How to install android fastboot driver

Fastboot is a small tool that comes with the Android SDK (developer software bundle). It can be used to flash stock Rom of the device. It is an alternative option to recovery mode and to install and upgrade smartphones. To install android fastboot driver follow the instruction:

  • Download adb fastboot zip and unzip it with WinRar.
  • You also need to download the Java Development Kit from the official page. Go to it, select “JDK,” agree with the license, tick the necessary item and download the version corresponding to the bites of your system.
  • After that, install the downloaded package. The following describes several options for installing Fastboot and ADB – use the one that is easier for you.
  • Go back to the folder with the Android SDK, open the “tools” and run the “android.”
  • Check “Android SDK Platform-tools” and click “Install Packages.”

Installing ADB and fastboot driver

  • About installing fastboot drivers windows 10, see below.
  • Select “Accept License” and click “Install.”
  • The log showed that an error occurred. But in the end, everything ended successfully.
  • Upon completion of the above actions, the “platform-tools” folder will appear in the “SDK-tools-windows- version” folder. There will be “ADB” and “Fastboot”.

android fastboot driver-

Download Android SDK Tools 26.1.1 Latest Version

Mirror Link→SDK Tools 26.1.1

Final thought,

Do not forget that USB debugging must be enabled for working with ADB! Note that the fastboot commands will only work when the device is in fastboot mode. Now, android fastboot driver download for windows 7.

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