Download DC Unlocker Free 2 Client Tool (2024)

DC Unlocker (a modem unlocking tool) was created by UAB Digitek, which is Lithuanian biz. DC-Unlocker Dongle is a pen-drive-like gadget offered by the company.  All you have to conduct is plug this dongle into a USB port on your pc.

DC Unlocker

It is possible to use it to access a data card. You may also need this dongle to unlock an internet modem and networking device from the manufacturer. The service has been around for an extended time and seems to be worthwhile to use.

We’ll teach you how to get this Unlocker program in this article. We’ll also walk you through the process of installing the application and using DC-Unlocker to unblock any Huawei and ZTE modems.

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Download DC-Unlocker for Android And Windows

If it regards unlocking programs, DC-Unlocker is the first widespread unlocking program available everywhere in the globe. Even we have been familiar with the program for quite some time. It was useful for unlocking Glo, Airtel, as well as other modems back then.

The program can make it simple to recover Huawei and ZTE modems without enough room to enter a code.

There are two techniques for unlocking a modem that doesn’t have enough room to enter code.

  1. Use unlocking credentials to unlock modems.
  2. The software can be used to unlock modems.

A few of DC Unlocker’s functions are listed below:

  • The process of unlocking is quick. Unlocking can take as little as 60 seconds via DC-Unlocker.
  •   The software has a user-friendly UI. Even a novice can figure out how to use the program.
  • √  Whereas the application may still not currently be able to access all modems on the field, more modems are regularly added and supported.
  • All you need is a regular USB cable, a functional USB port, and the DC-Unlocker program to unlock items.
  • There’s no need to choose any COM ports because the automated detection feature will find one for you.
  • For the latest dongles, the first year of free upgrades and support is included.

You can download the unlocking software based on PC, Android, and smartphone models from the below link:

DC Unlocker2

DC-Unlocker Download Free

1. Dc-unlocker2client.

If you don’t want to mess with the official trial version, a crack version is also available online. You can download this from the below link:

DC-Unlocker Crack

If you have a modem, there seems to be a good chance Huawei or ZTE produced it. Following that, the devices are labeled or restricted to a certain network/carrier.

The modem must be unlocked before it may be used with some other network or carrier.

How To Unlock Modem Using DC-Unlocker?

Now we are going to help you out with the using process of this software tool. Let’s talk about how to unlock a Huawei or ZTE modem next.

Step 1: Downloading DC-Unlocker

Once the Zip file has finished downloading, double-click it to start the program. However, any unzipper or extractor program will suffice.

Extract the file to a location that is easily remembered. The Desktop is what we would suggest.

To run the application, enter the extracted directory and double-click the dc-unlocker2client file.

Step 2: Running The DC Tool

After you’ve followed the instructions above to configure the Unlocker program, the next step is to learn how to use it to recover modems. Follow the instructions below to do so:

  1. Run the DC-Unlocker program.
  2. Change the SIM card in your modem to a new carrier
  3. Connect the modem to the computer’s port afterward.
  4. At this stage, the DC-Unlocker will discover the modem instantly, or you may hit the automatic detection icon.
  5. Unless it doesn’t, choose the modem type below producer and Auto Detect underneath the model (recommended).
  6. Then, as seen in the picture above, press the search option.
  7. Once the modem has been identified, and the data has been put out, go to the unlocking selection and choose the option that appears.
  8. Wait a few more moments for the unlock completed notice to appear.

That is all there is to it. So, this is how you use DC-Unlocker to recover Huawei and ZTE modems. Isn’t it simple?


Why Does DC-Unlocker Is Not Working?

Identifying the problem and then proposing a solution is the key to being able to repair the DC-Unlocker not functioning. Firstly, make sure your modem is still working if the program isn’t recognizing it. Also, be sure the USB cable is genuine and capable of detecting a device with data transfer capabilities rather than just charging.

If all these are checked, and the program still doesn’t recognize the modem, please close and restart the DC-Unlocker program.

If it doesn’t work, it’s possible that your desktop drivers are to blame. Then double-check that the required driver is up to date and in good working order. Install Driver Easy if you don’t want to do it yourself. When you run it, it will automatically detect the modules that need to be updated. After that, decide whether or not to upgrade. After you’ve finished upgrading, run the DC-Unlocker program once again. This time this should function.

Why My DC-Unlocker Is Not Unlocking?

When DC-Unlocker recognizes your modems and it does not unlock them, that’s possible that the modem isn’t compatible right now. You can discover if your modem is compatible with the DC-unlocker-supported devices webpage.

If it isn’t, then unlocking will be impossible. At the very least, we haven’t used DC-Unlocker anymore. Attempting other similar software or waiting for your modem to be approved is the best choice. Models are updated regularly. Patience is required in this situation. Otherwise, go out and purchase one that is readily unlocked.

Editor’s Verdict

That’s all there is to it, folks. So, this is how you may get a DC-Unlocker and use it to recover any Huawei and ZTE modem. If you are not interested in getting the official trial version of DC-Unlocker for one year, you can also get the crack version that is given above. But we will recommend using the authentic one so that you can avoid any malware risk.  Please use the comments thread to express any concerns or issues you may have about this. Take care.

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