Download ADB Fastboot Gadget Driver 32 Bit 64 Bit All Windows

Do you have problems for your PC to recognize your smartphone when it comes to wanting to put that much desired ROM? Fastboot gadget is the perfect driver for solving smartphone problems.  Well, today we teach you to install the fastboot gadget driver. It will help to recognize the device. Let’s go with it!

Driver NameVersionSupport For windows
ADB Fastboot DriverV1.4.3W10 / W8/ W7
ADB Fastboot DriverV1.4.2W10 / W8/ W7
ADB Fastboot DriverV1.4.1W10 / W8/ W7
ADB Fastboot DriverV1.4W10 / W8/ W7

How to install fastboot gadget driver?

Fastboot gadget driver is used to keeping up to date your computer. There is always a hot topic within the advanced use of Android, which is the issue of drivers. It is a headache that, although it may seem incredible to you. It keeps bringing some people head-on, not being able to flash as they want due to problems with the controllers.

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Install Fastboot gadget driver

To begin with, we will need some files. For the moment, you shave to install all the available drivers for the process. Download Android Studio from its official website. When installing it, we will go to the “SDK Manager” section, and in the “Tools” section. Now, download the Google USB drivers packages and data from the version of Android that you have.

Go to “Control Panel,” then “Device Manager.” You should see your device under “Other devices” with a yellow warning sign with it. Right-click. Now, select Update driver.

In the following table, you must click on “Search driver software on the computer,” and wait. You must select the directory where the USB Drivers are. They should be in C drive or download folder. After this small adjustment, your Android device should be recognized easily.

fastboot gadget driver-

Driver NameSizeDownload Link
ADB Fastboot gadget driver100MBMirror Link
ADB Fastboot gadget driver930.31 KBMirror Link
ADB Fastboot gadget driver929.65 KBMirror Link
ADB Fastboot gadget driver23MBMirror Link


One of the advantages of the fastboot gadget is its simplicity when using it. To install a custom recovery, root android device, download fastboot gadget driver to complete the tasks perfectly.

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