Magisk Manager APK: Download The Best Rooting App For Android Phone!

Rooting your Android phone allows you to customize several functions that may be inaccessible when you’re not authorized. Downloadable screen recording apps, for example, are accessible only after your phone has root privileges.

But for first-timers, performing rooting is challenging and requires going through bunches of tech stuff and process.

If you’re among them yet want to improve your Android experience without worrying about system mods or root access, Magisk Manager APKmight is the solution for you.

Magisk Manager APK

The simple and powerful smartphone rooting app allows you to do all the advanced customization like the premium room apps. But it’s completely free for you.

In this post, I’ll share a detailed walkthrough of the Magisk Manager app, how to root your phone easily, and more. Read along to learn more.

What Is Magisk Manager App?

It’s a systemless rooting method for your Android device. The app lets you modify your smartphone without customizing the system code, meaning there’s no risk of losing data or interfering with other apps.

Magisk can be used to install custom ROMs and themes and even perform system-level tweaks without going through a root process.

You can uninstall unwanted apps, and software from your phone with the help of the Magisk app. There are a lot of free downloads on the Magisk App, from which you can install apps and games onto your Android. And it lets you add repositories from which to get additional content. Be advised that you should make certain to backup your device.

You may also download YouTube Vanced Manager using Magisk, which works as an ad blocker for YouTube, and gives you a seamless ad-free watching experience.

Features of Magisk Manager

There’re tons of benefits of using Magisk APK for rooting your device. Below I shared a few of them.

·        Bypass Google’s Safety Net

Magisk can be helpful in a variety of situations. For example, it can help you keep unofficial apps and services installed on your device. It can also be used to disable SafetyNet checks, allowing you to install unofficial apps and services. In short, Magisk is a versatile tool that can help you protect your Android device from harm.

·        Customize Files

Magisk is a nifty open-source app that allows you to customize files. It also lets you change or edit the code of an application or module without resulting in any system error.

With Magisk, you can customize your device to your liking by installing custom ROMs, themes, and apps. Plus, it hides system files so that it appears as if there are no modifications made to the device.

·        Mount Manager

You can take advantage of the app’s storage division feature. It divides your system, stock files, and other media files and stores them anywhere in the internal storage. This is great if you want to keep different versions of your system files separate or if you just want more room on your phone.

·        Resetprop

It allows you to make changes to system properties files, for example, the read-only files. This can be useful if you want to change the location of your app data or configuration files. Resetprop is available on Android 6.0 and above and is enabled by default on Magisk Manager.

Download Magisk Manager On Android 

Though it’s a beginner-friendly root app, you need to know the below things before downloading this app:

  1. It is crucial to understand how to use ADB and fastboot commands.
  2. To be certain that your device’s boot loader is open or unlocked, be sure to take the necessary precautions.
  3. You should flash custom ROM if choosing boot.img mods.
  4. Installing a custom kernel is necessary after getting this app on the device.
App NameMagisk Manager
Updated OnMarch 2022
OSAndroid 5.0+
App Size7.11 MB
Key TaskHiding roots from bank apps

Download Magisk Manager For Android

How To Use Magisk Manager On Android Smartphone?

After downloading the app from the above link, follow the below step-by-step guide to install the app on your phone.

Step 1: Installing Megisk

Enable the Unknown Source option from the phone settings.

Then click on the install button to proceed.

Step 2: Install Magisk Manager With TWRP Or In Custom Recovery

First, download the Team Win Recovery Project, also known as the TWRP app, from the below link.

TWRP Download Link

Note: Don’t install the Magisk app after downloading now.

Replace .apk with .zip from the end of the downloaded file name of Magisk. See the screenshot.

Restart your device and afterward install the TWRP following the default installation method.

Then go to the Image option in TWRP and find the Magisk downloaded file. Tap on the Select Storage option.

Now confirm the installation from the next screen.

When it’s down, hit on the Reboot System.  


What’s Magisk Hide?

Official apps like banking apps or games sometimes don’t run on a rooted smartphone. It’s part of their fair policy. To bypass the policy, this Magisk Hide feature hides your phone’s root status so that you can use those apps without interruption.  

How To Uninstall Magisk Manager From Android?

Since it’s a rooting app, some Android OS may not allow you to uninstall from the system apps directly. So, follow the below steps. Open the app, scroll down to find the uninstaller, and tap on that.

Select Complete Uninstall.

If asking for permission, allow them all. This’ll install an uninstall first and then automatically remove the app from your device.

Editor’s Verdict

Magisk Manager APK is an essential application for root users. It solves many common issues that arise after rooting a device, and it’s a complete solution for all root-related needs. Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand what Magisk Manager is and why you might want to use it. It may take some time to get used to it, but in the end, you’ll be glad you did.

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