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Rooting your smartphone is one of the crucial that you may have to take in some steps. But it is vital when you are not satisfied with the stock ROM service or customization options. If you are also that of a kind, you can try iRoot Apk.

The iRoot app is compatible with both Android smartphones and Windows computers. It is expected that the app is not available on Google Play Store. It wouldn’t since Google is not likely to allow any app that will overtake its Android OS. So, if you want to get the app from a trusted source, make sure to read each step of this post. We will also share how to root your Android phone from your PC. Let’s head towards the next section.

What Is Rooting, And Why Should You Use the iRoot App?

After a while of using your smartphone, you will witness a significant decrease in your Android device. There are multiple reasons, such as over-storage of cache, which leads us to experience annoying operating system performance.

You may have tried bunches of FRP or factory reset passwords, but still, the scene becomes the same after a month of use. If you are facing this sort of issue, then only rooting your smartphone can make you stress-free.

It is an administrative process that gives you access to use the Android device as the “Superuser.” This allows you to customize yours over a phone management system, such as installing a custom ROM or upgrading to the latest operating system. That makes your phone irresistible.

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Why Are People Scared To Use Rooting App Like iRoot?

Rooting your phone is fun and exciting as you can experience a new era on the same old device. But it is a bit risky in a sense also. Rooting will completely void the warranty of your smartphone. So, you won’t get any free service from the official manufacturer, obviously if the time is still left.

Without this, a single wrong step during the rooting process can turn your device into the garbage.

Okay, you got the minuses, what about the pluses? There are a set of benefits you can get from rooting.

·       Install Custom Kernel And ROMs

The easy-to-use iRoot app allows you to do intense customization, including changing Android skin. Even it gives you access to change the older Android operating system to a new one.

·       Theme And UI Customization

Rooting with the iRoot app allows you to change animations, color, battery indicator color, status bar, etc. These authorities give you a step ahead experience undoubtedly.

·       Delete Stock Apps

By default, our Android smartphones have a set of unnecessary applications installed, consuming a portion of storage. Android doesn’t allow you to uninstall them all. All you can do is disable them for a certain period. But the iRoot app makes your user experience faster by allowing removing them one by one.

·       Remove Ads

If you ask any Android smartphone user, what is the most annoying part of this operating system? “Online advertisements” is the pretty obvious answer. Google indeed forces us to watch these ads by tracking our information and behavior.

iRoot is a blessing here to control and save your privacy with a twig. The power one-tap concept can block all the ads.

·       Get Access To Unauthorized Features

Remember, to get competitive advantages and maintain policies. Google often blocks features and apps. By rooting your smartphone through the iRoot app, you can get access to features like Photo Share and so more.

·       Faster Performance

After rooting your device with iRoot, you can install the performance booster app “One Booster.” The app will turn off all the background apps and delete junk files, which results in faster ROM performance.

iRoot Download For Android –  How To Make Your Smartphone Performance Faster

There are two applications available, one for Android phones, and another for Windows PC. You need to download both.

Download iRoot PC (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

Download iRoot Android

 Step 1:

When you have installed iRoot PC and Android apk, you have to enable the USB debugging on your phone. It is a developer option. So, turn on the developer mode by going to your settings model. Then hit on the Developer Option.

Scroll down to the USB Debuggingoption and toggle the button to enable it.

Since the root operation will be taken care of from the computer, this setting is mandatory.

Step 2:

Then use a working USB cable to connect your phone to your PC. Launch the iRoot PC and Android. And click on the Connect.”

You will see your computer is detecting your Android device.

Step 3:

After a while, when your PC is successfully detected on your phone, you will see the “Root” option on the screen. Click on the button to start the rooting process. Wait for the software to complete this. Remember rebooting is just a part of this process. So, if your phone takes any automatic restart, don’t worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get iRoot?

The app for the Android phone rooting purpose is discontinued by its developer team. But still, their website allows you to download it directly from there. There is no hope of getting a future update, though.

What Is The Best Rooting App For Android?

Many rooting apps are getting developer support. You can consider downloading any of them too.


iRoot APK was undoubtedly one of the best rooting apps for smartphone users. Adding the pc software was a great addition to their solution. It makes rooting much easier. It is harsh to witness this app not getting any developer touch in the future.

However, the app is still working fine on many Android devices. You can read our above instructions to root your device via the iRoot app from pc. You can also try out the other mentioned best alternatives of iRoot. Let us know how it is working in your case.

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