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If you’re someone who uses your Android smartphone for inevitable daily tasks like checking email, browsing the web, and taking calls, you know that a charged battery is vital to avoiding frustrating battery consumption issues. But what if you don’t have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of a busy day?
Franco Kernel Manager can help keep your phone’s battery running smoothly without recharging it as often.
You can choose to use a power bank or charger to charge your phone whenever it’s needed. But tech experts say that charging your phone often, even reaching out the blank battery, will drain your phone battery faster.

Franco Kernel Manager
Franco Kernel Manager

A super battery optimization app like Franco Kernel can help in this regard. It’s not just limited to that; it also allows you to customize the usage of your device’s CPU, RAM performance, storage even the network.
I’ll share my past 30 days of experience with this Franco android app in this post. Read along to learn what more you can do.

What Is Franco Kernel Manager?

Franco Kernel Manager is a paid android app that helps optimize your device’s power usage. This kernel helps control how much power your device consumes, which can help save on battery life.
By optimizing your device, this smartphone manager also can help improve performance and reduce battery drain.
The powerful Android app allows you to monitor and control your phone battery usage, check its health, optimize performance, increase battery life, control CPU temperature, change screen brightness, turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, etc.
You can use many other useful options and settings to customize your phone according to your needs. It can be used on any Android device running Android 4.0 or later.

Get The Most Out of Your Android Device with Franco Features!

It’s one of the most powerful tools for android devices with rich feature lists. Overall, using Franco Kernel Manager can ensure that your phone has enough juice for normal usage without charging it too often. Let’s take a look at the key features of Franco Manager APK.

Boost Your Smartphone Battery Health

Franco battery monitor APK helps you keep track of your detailed battery stats like power consumption during active and idle periods, charging time estimation, etc.
The battery monitor will notify you when your battery health falls below a certain threshold, based on the time of day or the type of activity you are doing. It also provides estimated charging times.

Franco Kernel Manager2
Franco Kernel Manager

Configure Your Smartphone in All Way

With Franco Kernel, you can configure your smartphone from one place. It lets you change settings like Wi-Fi network name, password, SSID, BSSID, MAC address, DNS server IP, proxy configuration, etc.
If you’re new to smartphone flashing, the features of the Auto-flash kernel will blow your mind. Its Magisk modules make it super-easy, and you don’t need to perform custom recovery. There’s also a kernel logger viewer system built into the app.

Franco Kernel Manager2
Franco Kernel Manager

Custom Settings For Max Optimization

This rooting app gives your sound control with advanced features over your smartphone. The customizations available depend on different android phones, including the latest Kontex Google Pixel 6 Pro.
For example, this complete toolbox authorizes you to customize the phone settings like screen widget, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and other custom kernel settings. Others let you change the display color temperature presets, wallpaper, ringtones, fonts, icons, etc.

Franco Kernel Manager

⦁ Easy Backup & Restore

This amazing kernel manager tool allows you to backup your entire system (including settings) to a file on your SD card, USB drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, FTP server, or any cloud storage service. It supports both local and remote backups.

⦁ Per-App Governor Profile

The app profiles settings allow you to see what apps use the most memory, CPU, storage, network bandwidth, etc. You can identify which apps consume too many resources and could become a performance bottleneck.
And also, you can control the activities of the selected apps with other application settings, as your preference.

  • User-friendly UI

The app has a nice graphical interface that makes it easy to understand and use. You can quickly navigate through the app without having to search through menus. It has a dark theme for your eye comfort as well.

Download the Latest Version of the Franco Android App

As mentioned before, it’s a premium app that costs $1.49 and is available on Google Play Store. You can pay it via Google Pay or other credit cards.
Click on the below link to visit the app store profile and download the kernel for Android. The app is free but requires Android 4.4+ and has ads.

Franco Kernel Manager APK

APK Name Franco Kernel Manager
Size 5.8MB
Latest Version 6.1.13
Last Update May 2, 2021
Download Link: Franco Kernel Manager

How To Use Franco Kernel Manager?

The powerful battery booster app has easy access to all features you’ll need, after downloading the app, single touch on the left menu bar to find all options.

Franco Kernel Manager

You can find dashboard, flasher, kernel backup and settings, CPU/GPU settings to ensure maximum CPU frequency, display manager, script manager, etc.

Select any section, and then on the main menu, you’ll see a big button to optimize comprehensive CPU frequencies usage and ensure balance and performance enhancement in your device.

Should You Use Franco Kernel Manager MOD APK?

A big no from my side unless you’ve got a reliable source to download this Franco mod app. Mod apps have the risk of hacking or stealing your personal information from your smartphone. So, it’s better not to go for this route.

However, if you set your mind, you can try downloading the app from MODDROID. But keep it in mind; it’s a bit backdated version.

Does Franco Kernel Manager Need Root?

Yes, you need to allow root access to your smartphone to use any features of Franco Kernel. The developer team officially announced everything about the root privileges on the play store and their site.

Editor’s Verdict

Franco Kernel Manager is the best phone management app in the premium app category, with hundreds of thousands of purchases. And with around 18,000 positive reviews from those real users, it still has a 4.6-star review on the app store.

Even I was a bit shy before purchasing it. But that many positive ratings were enough to change my mind. Let me know your experience with your smartphone in the comments.

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