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Installing your favorite app or game is quite easy for Android devices. However extreme iOS security barriers made it a bit tougher to download apps from 3rd party app stores on iPhone or iPad. There are still high hopes to install your favorite apps easily on Apple devices if you have the Panda Helper iOS app.

The Panda Helper app store is a bank of thousands of free, paid, and mod apps and games. The system design itself doesn’t conflict with the iOS policy. Thus, you can download this and install more apps.

Panda Helper iOS Android APK

Without the regular paid and freemium apps, you can also get tweaks and hacked versions of different apps on this platform.

And guess the fun fact! You don’t even need to jailbreak your beloved iPhone anymore. The Panda app store made this super simple and secure. In this post article, we will share lots more about this sweet app hub for Apple devices.

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Panda Helper For iOS – What’s More?

As we have mentioned earlier, the Panda store is a more convenient way to download iOS apps from an alternative app store. The app is not only limited to that. There are also some cool features.

It has a stock download manager, which lets you monitor the concurrent installation process. To check previous download history, ’s a helpful hand also.

Panda Helper tools allow you to use it as a phone cleaner so that you can clean the junk files from your Apple device. However, the drawback is that cleaning files may take up to 2 minutes, which seems to be a slow pace.

Till now, Panda has supported iOS 8 to iOS 14 version iPhone and iPad devices. As far as their developer thoughts are shared on their forum, soon, it will support iOS 15 as well.

Apple’s strict security policies don’t let its users enjoy a step-ahead experience with app collection. Android shows flexibility here. Like Android, if you want to have fun with cracked apps, Panda is a true friend. However, your privacy might be compromised here. Choose carefully which apps you should download from this store. If you are still wondering why you should download the Panda Helper app, read through the below sections.

Limitless Access To Apps And Games

Panda is a hub of both Android and iOS apps and games. For Android users, Panda has freemium versions of premium apps and games also.

Download What You Can’t Find

 You might be amazed to know that even the two biggest app stores don’t have all the apps and games in your collection, such as you can’t download Fortnite. Like that, there are lots of apps missing on Google Play and Apple app stores. There is a bit chance that you can find them in Panda Helper stores.

Maximum Tweak = Maximum Features

Many smartphone users love to use tweak apps. Tweaks allow users to customize or fine-tune their smartphones. As a result, they can enhance your device performance and many more. And Panda has one of the biggest collections of tweaks.

Mods Collections

Using mods apps and games is always fun to explore. Mod or customized apps sometimes allow you to unlock paid features for free. Although people think it’s limited to Android apps, some tech-savvy guys also showed up with iOS mod apps. You will find bunches of iOS mod apps on Panda stores as well.

Panda Helper VIP Features

Like other apps, Panda also has a paid plan that enables users to access all the premium features in all apps. It just makes you limitless.

Get Panda Helper APK Free On iPhone!

You can download the Panda Store app for iOS and Android from the given link

Panda Helper App Store Download

When downloading the Panda app, follow the below instructions to avoid installation errors on your iPhone.

  • Since you are downloading the app from an external source, you need to enable some permissions first. Click on the app link, and then you will see an alert box asking for permission to allow the installation. It’s quite like the Android system.

The popup window will redirect you to the “Settings.” From there, go to the “Profile Downloaded” and then hit on the “Panda Helper.”
In the next window, you will see the installation wizard of the app. Click on the “Install

When the installation is finished, the Panda Helper app store icon will be visible on the home screen shortcut.

Click on the app icon to open the app store. Then go to the “App” section. Then browse apps, games, and tweaks. You can also discover by app or game names from the upper search section bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Use Of the Panda Helper App?

Panda Helper is an app store for Android and iOS apps, and games. You can find premium, freemium, MOD, or cracked versions of different apps and games there. Their platform also offers a VIP plan to enjoy unlimited app download access and premium features for free.

Is Panda Helper VIP Safe?

Yes, the Panda store VIP or paid plan is completely safe to use. Hundreds of thousands of users are already using this app store VIP plan. But when downloading those MODs or tweaks, you have to be careful since Panda’s privacy policy isn’t up to level. And third-party app developers can be a bit tricky to steal your information from your device.

So, get an idea about the developers of the apps you want to download first. Then download it.

Editor’s Verdict

Panda Helper iOS is truly fun for both iPhone device users. Now apple device users are not limited to spending their time with only the iOS app store’s apps or games. You can access third-party apps, even those, which are not available on the Apple app store.

With thousands of mods, cracked apps, and games, both freemium and premium apps, the Panda Helper store is now one of the largest collections of smartphone APK. With their VIP plan, you can enjoy a step-ahead experience with their app collection. Share this with your curious friends who are bored of the App Store and looking for some exciting collection. Don’t forget to get back to us with their feedback. Enjoy a smart life!

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