Thunder Miracle Box 3.44 Latest Version (2024) Download

It has been almost eight years since the Miracle Box Thunder edition groomed the world of mobile phone repair. So far, with the trust and extensive functionalities, Miracle Box won the hearts of hundreds and thousands of users around the world.

Right now, this innovative utility tool for mobile phones is supported by millions of diverse mobile phones. As a result, you can deliver better solutions earlier to your customers. On the flip side, it’s equally helpful to DIY enthusiasm.

I just came to know that a recent Miracle Box update is there on the web. That’s why I am thinking, why not make this easier for my fellows to grab the latest version now? So, let’s begin.

Latest 3.43 Miracle Box Download

 Miracle Box

The recent release of the Miracle Box held on. And like always, there are bunches of improvements and commitments from the developers to provide better service this time. Let’s take a look at the recent bug fixings and features.

  1. You can now add a new boot under MTK for some new models.
  2. The read info trouble of MTK has been fixed.
  3. Improvements in Qualcomm writing and formatting process
  4. Improved some Qualcomm loaders
  5. Improved reading of Qualcomm device information
  6. Included Add loader for new Qualcomm devices
  7. Added with around 40 new phone models
  8. Regular bug fixed

Here is the download link below to get the Miracle Box on your computer. All the Windows versions are supported.

Miracle Box Latest Setup Process

Remember, the Miracle Box tool that you have downloaded is in zipped form. You have to extract in the directory you want to start with the setup process.

Step 1

For security purposes, I have made the file password-protected. That is the reason, at first, the extracting process is not going to work. To make it enable, you have to go to the .text file that is located inside the downloaded directory. Open the file and copy the code written in there.

Now double-click on the zipped file tool, and when it asks you for the passcode, paste the copied one there. Then, the extraction is going to start without interruption.

Also, keep the thought in mind to disable Windows Defender before jumping into the installation. To get that done, go to the Start menu and search with “Windows Defender” and click on the search result.

On the Window, you have to turn off the Real-time protection by clicking the drag button. Make sure to do that for Cloud-based protection and Sample submission as well.

Step 2

If you have previously installed the Miracle Box, make sure to delete the data or uninstall it before beginning with this part. In the next step, you have to click on the extracted Setup.exe file to start the installation.

Click on Next on the installation window check the terms and conditions box and then Next again. Afterward, click on Finish whenever the installation is accomplished. Make sure to uncheck launching the tool for now.

Step 3

Now, you have to extract the Miracle Box Thunder zipped file. That is also located in the downloaded directory.

It is also going to ask for the passcode. So, paste the copied one again. Now, open the cracked folder. There you are going to find the Miracle Box.exe file with the 3.06 number in the name.

So, copy the file, and then you have to paste it into the Miracle Box installed directory, which is supposed to be located in This PC>Local Disk (C)>Miracle Team>Miracle Thunder. I would recommend making a restart after that process. Well, that is the whole; you are not going to face any complexities if every step is followed accordingly.

Thunder Miracle Box 3.44 coming soon!!!

Click here to download: Thunder Miracle Box 3.43 latest

Click here to download: Miracle Box V3.34

Click here to download: Miracle Box V3.29 Main setup file alternative backup link Miracle box V3.29

Click here to download: Setup Miracle FRP Tool V2.03.Full setup exe

In conclusion

Miracle Box is a great tool for repairing phones. If you are having trouble setting it up, follow the instructions carefully and you should be able to get it up and running in no time. Remember to always back up your data before beginning any repair process.

Final Thought

Congrats, you are just done with downloading and installing the Miracle Box Update on your PC. Thanks to the developer team of the Miracle for making things so much easier for us to do FRP, read/write, and lots of stuff with this simple tool.

It is the time to say farewell but with the promise to come back with another helpful instruction and software update in the future. Till then, stay home, and stay safe until the COVID-19 situation is under control.

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