MIUI Fastboot Rom Miui13 (2024) Latest Version

MIUI Fastboot Rom all Mi and Redmi phone users seem to be quite happy with the latest MIUI 11.12.13 operating system. And why would not they be? Everything looks gorgeous, with the ROM included in those smartphones. Nonetheless, there are tons of user-friendly specs on the operating system to enrich the user experience.

As millions of users are linking themselves with the OS, the neediness of MIUI Fastboot ROM is becoming wanted by all of them. So, how can you do the fast boot without getting any error? Want to know the complete guide? Do explore the full instructions.

MIUI 11 Fastboot ROM

How to Flash MIUI 11 Fastboot ROM on Mi Phones

When flashing your MIUI 11, you must make sure to turn off your phone before moving any further. Now, press and hold the down volume and power button at the same time. That is the way you have to dive your Mi phones in fast boot mode according to Mi phones’ privacy policy and trait.

After that, you would need to download the MIUI 11 Android 10 compatible Xiaomi Flash tool, ADB drivers, and the Fastboot ROM tool that I have linked below.

Download Link: Xiaomi device service tool

Download Link: mi account unlock tool password key

And just like always, you would need to unzip the downloaded files and install each of them to use them thoroughly. At this moment, you have to make sure your Mi phone is connected to the computer via a USB cable.

Now open the fast boot ROM and copy the directory location. Then, open the Xiaomi flash tool. Click on Refresh so that the tool can detect the connected phone if it has not yet.

On the upper section of browsing, paste the link there. You might be seeing that there are three different actions you can pick on the down-right corner. These are Clean All, Save User Data, and Clean All and Lock.

Each of them has a particular purpose. For instance, if you click on Save User Data, you are going to save all of your phone data back-ups through the tool. On the flip side, if you click on Clean All and Lock means, after the Flash, the tool is going to lock your phone.

Here, we are going to select the Clean All option since we want to flash the phone in fast boot ROM mode. So, check that and click on Flash. The process is going to take 4-5 minutes in common. Yeah, Flash cannot be done within seconds, that is just a rumor.

Miui Fastboot Rom Latest Model Download List:

ModelBranchRom MUI ListVersionMirror Size
Mi 8 Lite ChinaStableFastbootV11.0.1.0.QDTCNXMV10.0Mirror link2.6 GB
Mi 8 Lite GlobalStableFastbootV11.0.1.0.QDTMIXMV10.0Mirror Link2.4 GB
Mi 8 Lite RussiaStableFastbootV11.0.1.0.QDTRUXMV10.0Mirror link2.3 GB
POCOPHONE F1 GlobalStableRecoveryV11.0.6.0.QEJMIXMV10.0Mirror link2.0 GB
POCOPHONE F1 RussiaStableRecoveryV11.0.2.0.QEJRUXMV10.0Mirror link2.1 GB
Mi 9 GlobalStableRecoveryV11.0.6.0.QFAMIXMV10.0Mirror link2.5 GB
Mi 9 ChinaStableRecoveryV11.0.9.0.QFACNXMV10.0Mirror link2.7 GB
Mi 9 RussiaStableRecoveryV11.0.4.0.QFARUXMV10.0Mirror link2.5 GB
Mi 9 Global EEAStableRecoveryV11.0.8.0.QFAEUXMV10.0Mirror link2.5 GB
POCOPHONE X2 IndiaStableRecoveryV11.0.7.0.QGHINXMV10.0Mirror link2.4 GB
Redmi 6A GlobalStableRecoveryV11.0.7.0.PCBMIXMV9.0Mirror link1.4 GB
Redmi 6A ChinaStableRecoveryV11.0.5.0.PCBCNXMV9.0Mirror link1.9 GB
Redmi 6 GlobalStableRecoveryV11.0.3.0.PCGMIXMV9.0Mirror link1.5 GB
Redmi 6 ChinaStableRecoveryV11.0.4.0.PCGCNXMV9.0Mirror link1.9 GB
Redmi Note 8 GlobalStableRecoveryV11.0.8.0.PCOMIXMV9.0Mirror link2.1 GB
Redmi Note 8 ChinaStableRecoveryV11.0.6.0.PCOCNXMV9.0Mirror link2.1 GB
Redmi Note 8 IndiaStableRecoveryV11.0.4.0.PCOINXMV9.0Mirror link2.1 GB
Redmi Note 8 IndonesiaStableRecoveryV11.0.4.0.PCOIDXMV9.0Mirror link2.1 GB

Final Thought

I hope you have accomplished the flashing with the MIUI fast boot ROM in your case, then congratulations. It is recommended to use ADB drivers to update your drivers if there is any complication or error.

Also, make sure to update your Windows computer drivers, if there are any left in the pending state. Besides, always keep your Xiaomi system software up to date so that you can get in touch with the updated features. Take care.

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