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KingRoot APK Just like the name, it’s the King of all smartphone rooting software. KingRoot APK is a powerful tool for Windows computers that can be used to get root access on almost any Android device.

It is one of the simplest rooting tools out there, and it has been designed with ease of use in mind. KingRoot also comes with various features, such as the ability to unroot devices, modify system files, and install custom ROMs.

In this post, I’ll share with you how you can root your Android smartphone without causing any issues. Let’s read till the end.

KingRoot APK

Features Of KingRoot for Android and PC

KingRoot App is like the Superman of the rooting world. It can do things that other apps can’t. Take a look at them below.

Free Root Tool

KingRootApk has been completely revamped and updated to its latest version. It is now fully functional and available for free to all Android users. The new KingRoot app offers enhanced security features and better performance, making it the best app for rooting your Android device.

Fast Rooting Software

KingRoot is the lightest app that can root any Android device in just a few seconds. It’s the perfect solution for rooting any device that has Oreo, or later Android OS installed. It’s quick to install. Also, when rooting your smartphone or tablet devices, it shows 100% accuracy and efficiency.

Now Root Phone Without PC

For people who don’t have a PC for rooting their devices or don’t want to go through that messy process, it’s a suitable alternative root app. The app has the super capability to root the device without computer support.

Unroot Anytime

The KingRoot application allows you to unroot your phone if you already have a rooted device. It’s a unique feature in any rooting app.

Easy Rooting Experience

KingRootapk is a single compact APK file that will provide a one-tap root process. Simply download and install the app, and you’ll be ready to begin gaining access to system files and settings that are typically hidden from view. With KingRootapk, rooting your device has never been easier!

Safe And Secure Rooting

KingRoot Studio, the developer team of the following app, recently launched the latest version of KingRoot, which made a significant difference from other available root apps. Now, there’s no malware or compromising your phone data.

Support Maximum Device Models

Unlike the older version of the KingRoot app, this one covers root support for most available smartphones. If you’ve got an exceptional device, reach out to them to list your phone model.

Download KingRoot App For Android Device

To get the latest version of the KingRoot application, you can visit the KingRoot Official site below. You can find the KingRoot PC version there also.

KingRoot Official Site Link

App NameKingRoot
File Size10.99 MB
Downloads4 million+

KingRoot for Windows PC

Software NameKingRoot PC
File Size:31.75 MB
Downloads4 million+

You can also download the app from the below safe links.

KingRootApkmirror Download Link

KingRootUpTown Download Link

How To Use KingRoot App On Your Android Device (Mobile And Tablet)

Download the app file from the above links. If you have set your Android device to allow unknown sources, then the installation process will start automatically.

Step 1: Launch The App

When the installation is finished, run the app. On the screen, you’ll see a button called Try It. Tap on that to begin.

Later, the app will automatically check for relevant phone information like Kernels and others. During the process, you’ll see the Checking screen.

Step 2: Rooting Status of Your Smartphone

Just after the process is completed, a padlock mark will appear. The process will help the app arrange all the necessary steps to move forward with rooting your phone. Depending on your device status, this will show the below screen.

  1. If your device isn’t already rooted – “Device is not rooted yet.”
  2. If KingRoot doesn’t support your device – “Try a new Rooting strategy.”
  3. If everything’s okay – “Try Rooting.”

Step 3:  Begin The Rooting

Hit on the Try Root button to start the rooting. During the time of rooting, you’ll be able to see the progress as a percentage.

Now, the app will first unzip the files required for root action. Then find out the best way to root your phone on the cloud in the backend, and then prepare accordingly.

Make sure not to power off your device. Keep it fully charged before. Also, you’ll need to keep your phone internet connection on via mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Step 4:Restarting The Phone

In the final step, KingRoot will automatically restart your device without showing any warning screen, don’t worry, it’s okay and part of the rooting.

When rebooting your phone, the app will continue setting up new features so that you don’t face any issues afterward. You may see a Root Successful message on the screen.

Step 5: Security Check-up

The screen will show a message that it’s scanning your phone’s security. It’s another critical part of rooting where KingRoot will check all the backend security aspects. During this process, KingRoot will wrap up some essential steps such as reinforcing, protecting, and adding the feature to improve your device. Allow it some time to complete the process

Step 6: Wrapping Things Up

You’ll see the part is completed in a while. At the last stage, there’s a need to optimize your device. So, click on the proceed button to allow the application this action.

If the root app finds any issues with your device, it’ll show and suggest you go for the necessary steps. Just follow along as you prefer.

When the rooting is finished, you can check out the rooting status via other apps that detect whether your device is rooted or not. You can try the “Root Checker” app to do so.

Editor’s Opinion

Before finishing up, I recommend you try the KingRootWindows version if you have a PC. It’s because rooting with the KingRoot apps may take more time to complete than pc. However, you would need to do USB debugging in that scenario.

Just go to your phone settings and turn on the developer option. After that, turn on the debugging option while connecting your phone to your computer. The rest you’ll find on the screen of KingRoot software. Hopefully, you’ve found this tutorial about KingRoot APK helpful. Let me know your experience.

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