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FlekStore App ios Last month, we surveyed some of the top tech YouTubers in what app store they prefer to download 3rd party apps on their iOS device. Among them, FozTech was one also. Guess which app store he suggested! It was the FlekStore app store for iOS.

Then, our team ran a deep test of the application before writing this review. Though it’s a third-party app store, it should meet some criteria and be the best. And the best alternative of the app store should have the following traits.
It should not require jailbreaking and should be malware-free and reliable. There should be enough sources of apps and games in the store. Also, we emphasized having a calm and intelligent UI. Having extensive control for customization is an advantage.
So, based on our findings, we will share why and why you should not download the FlekStore Pro app. If you decide to use it, we will guide you to download and install the app store for free.

FlekStore iOS

Why FlekStore iOS Is The Best Alternative To the App Store?

FlekStore or FlekStore Pro gives you a more enhanced user experience than any alternative app store. As they said, it’s more than just a regular third-party app store. Keeping the taste of the most premium smartphone users, the FlekStore developer team designed it in a way so no one can complain. Let’s take a brief look at the features of FlekStore.

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Numerous App Collection

Yes, this is the core reason anyone should try an alternative app store. The apps and games that are not available on the official app store should always be there. And FlekSore here takes care of your concern entirely.
FlekStore APK consists of thousands of tweaked apps and games for iOS. So, you can be assured that whatever you are looking for, you will find it in the store.

No Jailbreaking/No PC

Nobody wants to risk their iPhone or iPad just to install an app unless those crazy gamers. Neither someone will use a computer to install an APK on their phone. And FlekStore appreciates this thought too.
Without jailbreaking your iOS device or any PC support, you can easily install an app from this store. It’s just like another official app store on your smartphone.

App Configuration

Have you ever thought of changing your app name? If yes, you can do that with the FlekStore iOS app store as well. You can install an app multiple times and change the name of each app installed. Now that’s cool!

Convenient Search Function

FlekStore has a dedicated search bar that allows you to search apps and games with the name. Well, that’s not something unique. But the real accessibility is you can use the category under the search result to find similar apps with the name you searched with.

Customizable UI

The iOS app store allows you to change the color theme from the default preset. So, you can change the theme to blue, green, yellow, red, or anything just with one tap. Also, there are options for customizing style, font, etc.

How To Download FlekStore Pro App On iOS?

In this section, we will describe how to get FlekStore Pro free. To download the app on your iDevice, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Downloading the FlekStore App

First, open any of your phone browsers. Search with FlekStore on Google. The first result is supposed to be the official website of FlekStore. You can also visit there directly through this link. FlekStore ios
On the website screen, you will see an “Install” button. Click on that

The next step appears with a new window. Click on the Share button from the lower middle of your browser, as shown in the image.

Scroll up a bit and tap on the “Add to home screen.”

You will see the FlekStore icon on the phone’s home screen then.

Step 2: Allowing The Permission

In the next step, you need to permit or allow the installation source on your phone. Follow this step if you find any errors. If your app is working fine without any error, ignore this step.
Just go to the “General Settings” of your iPad or iPhone and hover downwards to find “Profile and device management.” They allow or trust the FlekStore app.

Step 3: Installing Your First App On FlekStore

Now it’s time to get a real taste. Launch the app store from the home screen icon. Now scroll down to discover apps you like or search with the names.

Tap on the app you want to install. Then click on the “Install” button then. You will see a prompt window asking permission. So, allow this. And FlekStore will begin app installation shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

FlekStore Pro Is It Free Or Paid?

You can download the app store for free. But to get the extensive features experience, the app requires a charge of $19.99/year. If you ask our advice, it could be a bit less but still not a bad deal, though. The paid plan allows you to get paid tweaked apps for free. Now it’s your call.

Do I have to Wait After Paying the Fee?

Yes, after surveying some of their paid users’ experiences, you need to wait up to 24 hours to experience the paid features. It seems like they are verifying paid accounts manually in their database. However, we couldn’t find any scams or fraudulent activities from the FlekStore site. So, consider it a safe bet.

Editor’s Verdict

Being a FlekStore paid service, still, the app store gets appreciation from thousands of its users all over the globe. It’s because of the extensive collection of tweaked apps, standard security measurements, app optimization, and impressive UI customization.
We talked about TweakDoor, Tweak Box-like app stores also serving as third-party app stores. But comparing users’ perspectives, we believe FlekStore gets 10/10. So, if you are an iOS user looking to extend your app library with tweaked apps, feel confident to give FlekStore a try. And why not share your experience with us? Don’t forget.

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