Unicorn Roblox Adopt Me Magical Game

Welcome to the magical world of Roblox!” About Me,” is a fun and whimsical virtual mini pet game of Robloxthat already broke the internet because of its alluring new addition, Unicorn in the pet list. And just like you, I also became quickly fascinated with this Unicorn Roblox.

But to get the pet, you’ve to spend a lot, and if I’m not wrong, you’re here to get the Unicorn pet in About Me free. So, whether you’re looking for a golden unicorn or diamond unicorn, this post will give you all the answers. Here are some tips on how to get your very own Unicorn in Adopt Me!

How To Get A Unicorn Roblox In Adopt Me?

There’re multiple ways to get a Unicorn in Roblox. Let’s start with the common ones.

1.   Unicorn Eggs

Anyone in About Me can get Unicorn eggs and then hatch them to get a Unicorn. There’re mainly 3 types of eggs–cracked ($350), pet ($600), and royal eggs ($1450). Unfortunately, Roblox built this system in a way that doesn’t guarantee you whether you’ll get a unicorn or other pets.

A unicorn is a legendary item in the game. The cracked egg has only 1.5%, the pet has 3%, and royals have an 8% chance of getting a Unicorn. So, it’s all about luck.

2.   Trade To Get Unicorn

Many gamers try the second option, trading to get a unicorn egg. But if you ask me what is a good trade for a unicorn in Adopt Me, there’s no particular answer.

What you need to do is buzz message in world chat to get other players’ attention. Then let them know what you’re willing to exchange in return for a unicorn, obviously if they’ve one.

3.   Unicorn Giveaways

In my opinion, giveaways are actually the best way to get any in-game items free. The same goes for Unicorns. Many YouTubers and Twitch Streamers offer giveaways for their loyal fans and followers often. Just follow them on those platforms and participate when they open a competition. Another way to get giveaway sources is to join different discord servers of Roblox.

4.   Get Unicorn Online

Some game stores allow you to buy unicorn eggs online. You can simply pay their price and submit your game ID to get one. Sometimes they may have different approaches like you’ve to share your in-game id and password with them, then they’ll buy them on your behalf.

It’s actually my least recommendation to you for getting a unicorn because if it’s not a reliable game-currency store, you may get scammed by them. So, check out their previous user rating before buying.

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How To Get Unicorn Eggs Free?

If you have the patience, I would suggest sticking with the Star reward or the daily login reward process to get different types of Unicorn eggs. Depending on the egg type, the login time may vary.

Gold Unicorn Eggs

A gold unicorn egg will result in a golden unicorn (sometimes griffin or dragon) after the hatching is completed. Don’t waste your star rewards on unnecessary items; save them enough to get a golden egg.

Diamond Unicorn Eggs

Don’t start hating me, but this’s actually the last and most long method of getting unicorns. The Star reward system of Roblox requires you to log in for 480 consecutive days to give you Diamond eggs. And yes, there’s also a chance of getting a dragon or griffin. Fingers crossed!

Editor’s Verdict

You can get Unicorn Roblox both free and after paying a big buck. Obviously, the free path will require having you patient. I would prefer to get it free, even if it takes me a year. Because I play different games, each of them has this kind of alluring in-game item. You’ll lose interest after getting one. So, why should you pay! Buzz me your thoughts in the comments.

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