Download Vivo USB Driver 32/64 Bit Windows

Vivo USB driver is one of the pioneer mobile phones among the best. And that is why the popularity and acceptance of that device are grooming in the sky. Indeed, a large portion of people wants to have a backup of their sensitive and vital data on their computer.

Vivo phones are themselves built in a way that you cannot make a secure connection between your Vivo device and the computer if you don’t have an authentic driver set. And that is why I always prefer using the Vivo MTP USB driver.

If you are a smartphone user, then connecting your phone to your computer for versatile purposes is just necessary in some cases that you might not ignore. That’s why today, I am here with the complete guide to downloading and installing the Vivo driver on your computer.

Vivo USB Driver All Model Download

Vivo USB Driver

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Vivo USB Driver Installation Process

You can simply grab the Vivo driver set by downloading the zipped file here. Since it is a zipped file, don’t forget to unzip it by extracting the file after downloading it.

Vivo Downloader

Inside the unzipped folder, you are supposed to find the ADB Driver.exe file. Depending on the time you are downloading the version name could be changed. So, don’t panic about that. Make right-click on the file and select “Run as administrator from the list.

After that, a command window is going to appear, asking whether you want to get the ADB and Fastboot7 or not. To continue, you would need to click on the “Y key on your computer keyboard.

Next, again it is going to ask you whether you want to install ADB system-vide7 or not. Since you are eager to continue, hit on the “Y again. Then, wait a minute to let the system complete the essential installation operation.

Later on, the tool is again going to ask for your permission to install device drivers. So, do the same again and click on the “Y key first and then press the “Enter key. As a result, the installation window is going to be appearing on the screen.

If you see any dialogue box on the screen again that asks for final permission on whether or not you are willing to install the tool, click on the Install button. Since the tool is a bit heavy, it might take a while to complete the installation. So, keep your patience.

Download your target vivo USB driver now

Click mirror link→ Vivo usb driver

Final Thought

I guess, now, no one is going to think that they can’t store or transfer this particular smartphone data to the computer anymore. Obviously, it is because you got a permanent solution here.

In the end, I would suggest you whenever you get an update alert of the Vivo driver, make sure to complete that accordingly. Otherwise, some conflicts might arrive in your way of the task. So, enjoy it.

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