Miracle Box Driver (32Bit 64Bit) All Windows Support

Miracle box driver is a necessary tool for unlocking and flashing Chinese devices. This tool has been designed for Chinese devices though; it supports Android devices also. It helps to unlock, repair, flash, and restore devices quickly. For that, the tools have to be downloaded onto the Windows Computer first.

It supports both the 32 and 64 bits on Windows. For getting the free Miracle tool download it from our site. And, know the details of how to download the Miracle tool.

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Miracle Box Driver

What Is Miracle Box Driver

Miracle driver is one kind of tool that helps to unlock, flash, repairing any device especially Chinese phones. To flash a Chinese phone this tool has been introduced. Both 32 and 64-bit are available. Choose the one best that goes to your PC format. Download the tool from our site as provided in the link.

Features Of Miracle Box Driver

Have a look at the latest version of the Miracle tool. The features it contains:


It comes with the full package such as MTK drivers, Android ADB, SPD, and RDA drivers.

Supports Devices

It has been released for Chinese devices. But it can work on Android devices as well. While performing any of the tasks select the format of your device.

FRP Bypass

It can perform several works like an unlock pattern or password, repair, restore, FRP, flash, etc.

Setup Your PC Before Download The Tool

If your PC has Antivirus software, inactive it before downloading the tool, otherwise, threat messages will pop up. And, the tool won’t be installed. Besides, keep a backup of your phone data. You are going to lose your data for sure after flashing or unlocking.

After completing the task, you can again back up the data. And the most important thing is always to remember to switch off your device while flashing. Else, it may cause damage to your device.

Miracle Box 64-Bit Download

The process is same for the both 64 and 32-bit installations. To download, the tool, click the link below. After a successful download, the file will be shown on the desktop. Then run the tool and choose MTK. Then select your format such as Android. The next step is to choose the ROM or firmware where it will be saved. Click on the start button.

Then connect your phone to your PC with a data cable. Make sure the device is switched off. Then press the power button and volume plus button together. Press the ok button and wait until the process is finished. If you follow the procedure the same way as described here, your device will be flashed or unlocked successfully.

Miracle Box Driver 32Bit 64Bit


Miracle box driver is a beneficial tool that assists in solving many software problems. It helps to fix Android device problems besides Chinese phones. So, fixing any issue of your devices like unlocking pattern or password, flashing download the tool.

Even the method of installation and flashing are also straightforward. So, follow the procedure we shared here. Hopefully, it might be useful to solve any issue with your devices.

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